Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. It is now practiced by millions of people around the world to improve and maintain good health.

It is a form of meditative exercise which is easily recognized by its slow, even, continuously and captivating circular movements. When practiced mindfully the body will be able to reach a relaxed state, and enhance the flow of inner energy known as “chi” throughout the body. Chi gives us our vitality and allows us to be energized. Practicing regularly will gradually achieve the feel of chi and develop inner strength.

Tai Chi improves concentration, focus, balance, flexibility, mental and physical awareness, reduces stress, and relaxes the mind and body which can help lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Tai Chi can also be used as self-defense, and the slow, gentle movements are suitable for people of all ages and in almost any state of health.

    Improve concentration and balance
    Reduce stress which will may lower blood pressure
    Strengthen bones, muscles, and joints
    Increased flexibility and energy level
    Relaxes the mind and body

If you are interested, please call George Padilla
at (213) 625-2211 x3476 or george.padilla@laac.net

Fee: $50 per 4 class sessions