Handball is the parent sport of Racquetball. If you know Racquetball, handball has much of the same rules. In handball you use your hands to hit a ball that's the size of a golf ball and you're in a 20' by 40' room with a 20' ceiling.

You play two games out of three. First two games are to 21 points and if you split, the tie-breaker is to 11 points.

Gloves, Proper Eye Wear (goggles) and Proper Tennis Shoes are requiered at all time.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club has handball, racquetball and squash courts for adult and junior use. Adult and Junior classes, special events, tournaments, clinics and adult leagues are available to all members. The Club also offers table tennis, paddles, balls and a ball machine.

Please contact George Guevara, 213-625-2211 x3343.