Yoga is an ancient discipline that people have gravitated to as a source of physical fitness, mental well-being, and spiritual renewal since its establishment in India thousands of years ago. There are many styles of yoga, all of which derive healing benefits from a focused attention to deep breathing, mental clarity, and body positioning.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club offers the top yoga program in the area. The Club’s yoga program features a brand new studio and some of the top instructors in the nation.

Astanga Yoga – A challenging form of yoga, Astanga utilizes breath control, isometrics and focused gazing with an uninterrupted flow of traditional postures.

*Flow Yoga – Flow yoga practice uses postures in a flowing manner, connecting each with the breathing cycle.

Power Yoga – Power Yoga is a vigorous and dynamic approach to yoga. Flowing progressive yoga postures, meditative awareness and breath control are used to strengthen mind and body. Class is geared toward the more advanced yoga student. Six months - One year highly recommended.

*Hatha Yoga – Postures (asana) are used to help students increase strength, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on breath (pranayama) control and body alignment. Class ends with savasana (relaxation pose)

*Restorative Yoga – A relaxation method that focuses on relaxing the body and mind through a series of gentle movements and stretches that are coordinated with breath control.

*Appropriate for all levels