In 1890,  Los Angeles Athletic Club adopted the motto "Health, Recreation, Grace and Vigor". Our founders were well ahead of their time in their understanding of "physical vigor as the basis for moral and bodily welfare".

Today fitness means something different to each one of us. From athletic performance to holistic wellness, being fit is an important part of our daily lives. Here at Los Angeles Athletic Club, we offer a modern, well-equipped cardiovascular training zone for enhancing your endurance and improving your body composition, extensive strength training equipment for increasing your muscular strength and endurance and a comprehensive array of facilities and services that support your goals of flexibility and stress reduction.

But, what separates us from other elite clubs is our exceptional fitness staff. From our Fitness Supervisors to our Group Exercise Instructors, all of our fitness staff members are professionals that possess the education and certification that you can count on to provide you the information and know-how on how to get fit and stay fit.

For more information on fitness programs and services, please visit the corresponding web page or contact The Athletic Department at 213-630-5239 or